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Welcome To Deck Builders Boise

Deck Builders Boise welcomes you to the place where your dreams can come true. We have a team of qualified individuals to get your job done.

We offer repairs and maintenance work on your existing deck. Do you not have a deck? We offer any type of decking Boise ID and even custom deck builds.

About Deck Builders Boise

When it comes to decks we know what to do. We have the skill-set to build you a deck that will pass an inspection with flying colors. We also have the skills to build you a deck that will last for many years.

Creating a design for your deck involves so much more than only choosing the color out. You want your deck to feel like another space of your home that you love as much as the others.

Here at Deck Builders Boise we value a creative imagination. As contractors, we have done hundreds of different kinds of decks. We have so many ideas and ways that we can build them.

We work with your ideas to create something beautiful and magical. It is our mission to bring and give you something that you love, cherish, and look forward to using every day.

We do not rush the process of designing and building you a deck. We take the time to find the perfect design for you. We take the time to compare materials and colors with you to make sure you will love what you have.

There is no need to keep looking for “deck builders near me” or “deck contractors near me”. We are the ones that you want to work with. We put every customer first and make sure to meet their needs.

Why Choose Us?

Many customers waste valuable time trying to find the perfect "deck builders in my area". We are everything that you need with top notch experience and credentials. Call us today to get a free consultation with your local deck builders.

Why should you choose to work with our deck installers Boise? Why should you stop looking for other “deck companies near me”?

  • It is important to us that our customers get the highest quality materials

  • Our deck contractors are reliable when building decks Boise ID

  • We give you decks that have affordable outcomes

  • We are Boise deck builders that have fabulous service

Have you spent way too much time online searching for “deck installers near me” or “pool deck builders”? A pool deck can transform your outdoor pool space in such an amazing way.

We have been putting designs together and making decks for so many years. You can put your confidence in us that we know what we are doing and how to do it.

Do not wait around longer. No need to let your stress fester any more before calling your "deck construction near me" that you have been looking for.

Let our Boise deck builders be the last of your deck companies that you call. We will give you the deck you are looking for.

What To Expect

From the moment you contact us, to the moment we finish your deck we stay professional and reliable. We make sure to not leave the job site a mess after each day of work.

We know that living in construction can be stressful so we do our best at eliminating all the stress we can. We do our best to stay on track and on time with the timeline we give you.

If anything comes up that pushes our timeline back, we are sure to let you know the details.

boise deck installers

We take building step by step. We start with understanding the concept and layout that you want for your deck.

We gain a vision of your vision. We talk you through the pros and cons of material options and pricing options.

If you have a budget set for the job we work very well with it. We have many different options we can do to work within any budget. We have the experience that makes it an easy job for us to do.

You can trust us to stay within your budget and get you what you want. We make sure to do our final walk through to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Our Services

We have a very large range of options when it comes to building the deck that you want. We build decks that are custom, decks that are pre-designed, and everything between. Our deck contractors Boise are capable of building any type of deck you have in mind. We use all types of materials and dimensions.

boise deck repair

Deck Repair Boise

Why would you need a deck repair? You will need a deck repair if you have noticed warping, cracking, splitting, or any other problem. These can be very hazardous if you have these wrong with your deck.

If a deck is not kept up on, it can become very dangerous and must get work done. This is when we come in and fix up your deck to make it look and feel brand new again.

boise deck building

Custom Built Decks

We build custom decks to your exact measurements, colors, and features. Do you have a hot tub, pool, or want a deck that wraps around your home? We can give you all these types of decks. You name it, we got it!

boise decking

Composite Decking Boise

Composite decking material comes in many different colors and types. There are many options you get to choose from, making it easy to get what you want.

Many customers love composite because of how low maintenance it is once it is complete. It will keep for many years.

boise wood decks

Wood Decks

Wood decks are a timeless look that last a long time if well taken care of. The “porch builders near me” can also build you a porch out of wood as well. We use many types of wood and can stain them any color you want.

If you love the look of the wood itself we make sure to treat the wood so that it will last and hold up well to the weather and traffic.

boise deck staining boise deck painting

Deck Painters And Deck Staining Boise

Deck painting is one of the best ways to replace an existing deck that is still in good condition. The paint will protect it against rotting, cracking, and more. We can paint it whatever color you like best. Are you looking for “deck staining companies near me”?

With deck staining your deck we prepare it in a special way. By preparing it special is a way to be sure that the stain gets completely soaked up and done the way it should be done. If stain is done correctly, it is a water resistant way to make your deck have a beautiful look once again.

boise deck contractor deck railings

Deck Railings

Deck railings are the way that we keep our customers and their families safe. They are a must when doing decks of certain heights. We do deck railings made of wood, composite, cable, aluminum, and many more.

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About Boise Idaho

Boise is the home to Boise State University and the home to 229,000 people. It is in Southern Idaho, close to the border of Oregon.

We have many nice and new neighborhoods in and around Boise. Our city is very clean and beautiful with the fall change of colors we experience.

We have many small local businesses as well as large headquarters. One of these large headquarters is We have some of the most fun and pretty outdoor activities.

A few of the cities close to us that you must drive through are:

  • Meridian, ID

  • Nampa, ID

  • Caldwell, ID

  • Eagle, ID

  • Kuna, ID

  • Garden City, ID

  • Star, ID

  • Middleton, ID

  • Horseshoe Bend, ID

  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do consultations?

Yes. We not only do consultations, we do free consultations. This will walk you through the exact project you want to get done and the exact price of what it will cost. We answer your questions and make sure you understand your bid we give to you.

What does it cost to build a deck?

There is no set pricing for decks. The material, size, difficulty, and more factors will affect the price you pay for your deck. The most accurate way to know how much your deck will cost will be to call us and have us come take a look.

What do I ask a contractor?

A few questions you will want to ask before choosing a contractor for your deck are about their price, experience, and licensing. It is important to make sure your contractor has their license, and is bonded. If you get many bids from different contractors you can make sure you are getting the most out of your money. You will want to make sure your deck is not the first one they are doing unless you are comfortable with that. Ask your contractor for pictures and their experience with building decks.

What are payment options for my deck?

You are going to want to give us a call. Many contractors accept different forms of payment. Some work with only cash or check. Other contractors accept debit, credit, venmo, or PayPal. Give us a call and we can discuss in what form to pay and in what increments.

Customer Testimonials

"We were very concerned about what the price of our deck would be. We loved the way that their bid was. It explains everything about the price so you have a clear understanding. We were very happy with our bid and the job that was done."

Robert S.

"I am 100% satisfied with the service that we received and the job you did on our new deck. It is the perfect place for our family and friends. We love it so much."

Jennifer M.

"This company rocks! They have such great communication. Anytime something came up with the job, they were sure to let me know and keep me informed."

Kinsley J.

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Give us a call today. We build the best outdoor oasis spaces. We can offer you a design that will fit all your deck needs. We can get you a brand new deck or stain or paint your old deck.

Many people have concerns about how to design a deck, or the cost of building a new deck. Call Deck Builders Boise today and we will calm all these fears.

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